Juan and me on his 18th. birthday party!

Juan’s life from age 8, has been a series of hospitals, residential and foster homes.

Juan has worked very hard on his issues since coming to live with us. He has made leaps in his progress and is now able to hope for a good secure future.

Success means many different things to different people. Juan’s success is just around the corner when he graduates from high school this June and flies the coup soon after… I truly believe Juan will be ready for his next step.

Juan has been living with us for five years this month. He loves computer and video games (but then, what young person doesn’t). Juan enjoys movies, especially horror movies.  He is funny, outgoing, kind and full of love and laughter. Juan has a strong belief in God and clings to that strength. He loves to make weird noises and faces; this is all a part of who Juan is and how he relates to others and himself.  Juan has accomplished so much and we are very proud of him!

Kudos to Juan!!