James 17th. birthday party!

James turns 18 Feb. 16th.  His life has also been a series of hospitals, residential, and foster homes, since the age of seven. James has been living with me for eight years. He has climbed many hills and rolled back down a lot of them, but he keeps on keeping on. He usually fights his battles with smiles, and hugs. He is like a big teddy bear and unfortunately bullies respond to this type of person. James is learning, not to be a victim and to respond in the appropriate way. 

 James's hope and future is to graduate from high school next year, find a job  that is suitable for him and live on his own.  I know  James would like to marry someday and eventually have  children of his own. (You noticed JamesI said eventually). 

James also loves the computer and video games. But as James knows he can only handle certain kinds of games in limited amounts. He also loves movies and especially mythical movies. James is very good at putting puzzles together, not only because he had to sit and put many together but also because he just likes to do puzzles. James also likes to play cards, talk and text on his new cell phone with his girlfriend.  But I do believe that James’s favorite thing is SWEETS.

Right now after a few adjustments in his life, James is doing very well and his future looks so bright, that we almost have to wear shades.  Keep it up James!!!