Lots of smiles on his 15th. birthday!

Chris has also been in hospitals, residential homes, and foster homes since he was eight. Chris has been living with us for a total of three years with a break in there for about a year which came from needing more help than we could give him at the time. He has been back with us now for almost eight months. I believe Chris knows that he has to start engaging in therapy to be able to go home. And that is Chris’s hope and future in a nut shell; he wants to go home.  Chris has the tools he needs to succeed, he just has to pick them up and use them.  Chris is an extremely bright young man of 15, who is fighting his own success all the way. He takes ten steps forward, then soon after, eight steps back. His team is working hard to help Chris get home and I truly believe that it is possible.

   Chris also loves video games and the computer, no big surprise there. He loves music and his mp3 player.  His favorite television character is Homer Simpson.  Chris is a very good athlete and enjoys playing football with his friends and watching it on television. He likes to play cards and pool with his other foster brothers and he has learned to lose with more dignity.

    Although school is not his favorite subject, and he has to work on being prepared for his classes, Chris’s behavior at school has improved tremendously. He is now respectful and courteous with both authority figures and peers.  You have made progress Chris… work, work, work = home, home, home!